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Foto: Guldbaggen
"Pelle Svanslös" now official!

No more hush hush! We are proud to announce that we are working on Pelle "No tail"!PS

Holy Elephant! We've just received good news... from India!

We won awards in three categories at the Golden Elephant Film Festival 2017!

Best Director and Special Jury Award for Bamse and the Witch's Daughter
and 2nd Best Feature for Molly Monster. 


300 000!

Hoooray! 300 000 tickets sold for Bamse and the Witch's Daughter!
..and more good news! Now it has been launched in Norway - alle snakker norsk! 


"Molly Monster - The Movie" nominee at the Berlinale 2017!

molly berlinale

"Molly Monster - The Movie" was recently nominated in the category
"Best Children's Film", for the 2016 edition of the
 German Film Critic Prize.

We congratulate the winner! :)

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The Swedish trailer for the Molly Monster feature is now live!

The colourful and exciting adventure hits cinemas on September 9!

Molly Monster wins the Golden Goblet Award!

This past weekend the new Molly Monster feature was awarded with the Golden Goblet Award for best animated feature at The Shanghai Internationa Film and TV Festival. Producer Dieter Reinhold was there to accept the award.

Molly wins Golden Goblet Award

The animated feature ”Molly Monster and the Egg Mystery” has been accepted for the 2016 Berlinale in Berlin in the category GenerationKplus.

Based on the popular TV series Molly Monster, the film is a coproduction between Sweden, Germany and Switzerland. SluggerFilm contributes creatively by director Michael Ekblad.

Molly and the Egg – Berlinale 2016

Swedish voices: Stina Rautelin, Johannes Brost, Björn Gedda, Claes Ljungmark, Özz Nöjjen och Dogge Doggelito, et al.

The film will also be featured at the BUFF film festival in Malmö in 2016.

The Swedish premiere is scheduled for September 2016, distributed by Folkets Bio.

Storyline: There is big commotion in Monster Land – Molly Monster will get a new sibling! But before the egg has been hatched on Egg Island, Molly and her best friend Edison will have a lot of exciting adventures along the way...

Press release from the Berlinale

Voice recording in London with Louis Elman for the Bamse sequel

From left to right on the picture on top; Christian Ryltenius - Director, David Menken – voice for Bamse, Louis Elman - Voice Director, Bob Saker – voice for Shellman and Martin T. Sherman – voice for Little Hop.

Voice Recording – Bamse 2

Left to right on the picture below; Jon Nohrstedt – Producer, Christian Ryltenius – Director, Suzy Westerby – voice for Hatiora the Witch, Barbara Barnes – voice for Tessan Vole, Naomi McDonald – voice for Lova and Louis Elman – Voice Director.

Voice Recording – Bamse 2

It’s been a lot of fun to have Tilde Volk-Jonsson in the studio, for her 2 weeks work experience.
During those hectic days she managed to do her own animated teaser for ‘Energy Boy’.
On the picture below, she and Martin Sommenvik is going through the animation.
Have a look at the fantastic result!

image3 Small

‘Bamse and the Witch’s daughter’ receive support from the Swedish Film board, and we are on our way for the 2nd Bamse Feature.
To join our crew at Slugger is Adam Blomgren, Hedvig-Häggman-Sund, Alicja Björk and Jenn Chang.

They will all work with Character Design and will later move on to Layout in August.

image4 Small

‘Molly Monster – The Movie’ is presented at the Cartoon-Movies in Lyon in the category ‘In Production’.
We are showing new material and even some footage in Colour.
Here is the link to the Cartoon-Movie Teaser;

image5 Small

All the Films nominated for the Guldbaggen award will be screened for free, this weekend February 20-22.
‘Bamse och Tjuvstaden’ will be screened on Saturday the 21st of February at the Swedish Filmhouse in Stockholm.
Please follow this link for tickets and location;


We are proud to announce that ‘Bamse and the City of Thieves’ is nominated for the prestigious Swedish film Award ‘Guldbaggen’
for one out of three most popular Films in Swedish Cinemas, in terms of tickets sold, during 2014.


The Sand Wolf receives support from Creative Media as a feature in Development.
Script writer Ulf Stark will be signed on for a 2nd draft and we will continue our development on the Character and Set Design.
The Sand Wolf is a well known Swedish book series by author Åsa Lind and illustrated by Kristina Digman.  

image8 Small

Development is starting on the Bamse sequel that will be titled ‘Bamse and the Witch’s Daughter’.
We are very pleased to sign on Lars Bällsten, Thomas Holm and Peter Jando for the Conceptual Art,
Story Sketches and Inspirational Drawings. 
Lars and Thomas worked on ‘Bamse and the City of Thieves’ as Designers and Layout Artists and are both seasoned artists on the Bamse Comic book.
Peter Jando worked as an Animator and BG artist at Penn Film Studio and has several Feature Films and TV-series on his CV.   



We are happy to announce that we’ve now passed 300 000 tickets sold in Sweden,
for ‘Bamse and the City of Thieves’ – The Popcorn party continues! 

image10 Small
We are on our way with the Molly Monster feature, that receives funding from the Swedish Filmboard.
Molly Monster is a co-production between Germany,
Switzerland and Sweden and will be directed by Michael Ekblad, Ted Sieger and Matthias Bruhn.

‘Bamse og Tyvenes by’ opens in Norway this Friday - the 9th of May!

At the Cartoon Movies in Lyon, to present our new project ‘the Sand Wolf’, as an Animated feature in Concept. 
The Sand Wolf is a co-production between Alexandra Schatz FilmProduktion and Sluggerfilm and we are still in development with script and design.


‘Bamse and the City of Thieves’ opened this weekend with a stunning box office of  67 000 sold tickets.
That is a new record in Swedish Cinemas for a Swedish Children’s Matinée film.
We also received some amazing reviews from the critics.

image14 Small
'Bamse och Tjuvstaden' opens today in Cinemas all over Sweden!

‘Bamse and the City of Thieves’ opens GIFF at Draken.
Our talented background artists Ulf Sandberg and Ola Larsson joined us for the grand opening. 

Christmas Broadcast on SVT for our Animated film 'Melker'. Starting on December 23 at 19:00. 

23 december 2013 kl 19.00 i SVT2
25 december 2013 kl 00.30 i SVT2
29 december 2013 kl 9.30 i SVT2

26 december 2013 kl 02.00 i SVT24
1 januari 2014 kl 23.00 i SVT24 


Norrköping Symphony Orchestra

Norrköping Symphony Orchestra with Composer Henrik Lörstad recording the score for ‘Bamse and the City of Thieves’.

Norrköping Symphony Orchestra

Bamse voice recording

Reinard Fox and Bamse, featuring Magnus Härenstam and Peter Haber in the recording studio for the Swedish voice track. Two legends in the Swedish film industry.

Magnus Härenstam and Peter Haber Recording Bamse

Table read at Tre Vänner with all the fantastic voice artists for the Bamse feature.

From left to right: Johan Kindblom – Writer, Edith Enberg-Salibi – Katta-Lo, Tomas Tivemark – Writer, Tea Stjärne – Nalle-Maja, Maria Bolme – Brummelisa, Dan Andréasson – Co-Producer, Tomas Bolme – Narrator, Peter Haber – Bamse, Magnus Härenstam – Reinard Räv, Ola Andréasson – Co-Producer, Steve Kratz – Skalman, Morgan Alling – Lille Skutt, Christian Ryltenius – Director, and Shebly Niavarani – Vargen.

Table Read at Tre Vänner

Crunchtime for Bamse! It’s only 2 weeks left, before the final deadline of Animation!

Crunchtime for Bamse

Imsy & Wimsy (Imse & Vimse) is now available, in Swedish, as an interactive e-book with animated illustrations on Itunes!!/id616114756?mt=8

Imsy and Wimsy e-book

Bild & Bubbla no. 195 in stores now!

New report about the process behind our current project "Bamse och Tjuvstaden".

A reprint with drawings and sketches is also available.

For more information, visit:

Bild och Bubbla – Bamse och Tjuvstaden
Visiting Address: Skomakaregatan 4